LED 5 und LED 3


  • 140.000 - 160.000 Lux
  • Leuchtfeldgrößen-Variation
  • LED 5 MC / SC / Smart kombinierbar
  • LED 3 MC / SC / Smart kombinierbar

Highlights Kombination LED 5 und LED 3


You will easily benefit from brilliant image quality and razor-sharp images by our integrable video system. Easy mounting, high-resolution images, up to 30x optical zoom, autofocus or image rotation allow you to precisely identify details in every wound field.


We have thought of everything in our surgical lights, including the best possible flow efficiency. Minimal surfaces and a sophisticated open ring shape prevent heat buildup and provide optimal conditions for laminar flow systems.


With our LED technology, we guarantee a service life of at least 40,000 operating hours. You save costs for the exchange and replacement of the illuminants. They also have over 50% lower power consumption compared to halogen lamp technology.

Technische Daten

  • LED 5 MC
  • LED 5 MC Smart
  • LED 5 SC

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  • LED 3 MC
  • LED 3 MC Smart
  • LED 3 SC

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