LED 3 and LED 2


  • 140.000 Lux
  • Illuminated field size variation
  • LED 3SC / Smart combinable

Highlights combination LED 3 and LED 2


All setting options can also be accessed via the sterilizable handle. With the rotating ring on the handle, you control (depending on the equipment) depth light, brightness, color temperature and even the laser pointer.

By rotating the handle, you can adjust the light field to the wound field size. Both the adjustment options and the functions take place in the sterile field.


With our control panel on the luminaire housing, you have everything important at a glance: On and off, depth light, laser pointer, brightness regulation, endo light, color temperature or sync function. We have efficiently bundled all functions here.


You will easily benefit from brilliant image quality and razor-sharp images by our integrable video system. Easy mounting, high-resolution images, up to 30x optical zoom, autofocus or image rotation allow you to precisely identify details in every wound field.