Welcome to Dr. Mach Lighting Systems


Our company was founded in 1948 by the engineer Walter Mach and the manager Hans Dufter. The company name refers to the physician Dr. Ludwig Mach, an uncle of Walter Mach. Since its first days the company focuses on the usage of lighting technology for medical applications.
We are family owned and financially independent. We sell our products to more than 80 countries. Export contributes 65% to our turnover.


We always had and have the intention to stay independent from external suppliers. Our manufacturing depth reaches 85% thus covering metal machining, the production of electrical and electronic components and the final assembly of products. This strategy generates benefits for our customers in terms of flexibility and consistent product quality. We only use state-of-the-art production equipment.


Several engineers are exclusively charged with the continuous development of our product range. Further we have a complex optic and electronic expert network in place.


A close cooperation with industrial designers ensures functional and at the same time elegantly looking lighting systems. The construction of our lamps reflects market demands such as cost effectiveness, durability in daily medical practice, ease of mounting and ease of maintenance.


Highly qualified employees that are trained for flexible deployment are the backbone of our company. Many of them are with our company for more than 10 years thus providing continuity. By providing opportunities for vocational training we assume our responsibility as employer.


Through trained regional agents we provide a worldwide service offering immediate reaction and professional support. We look forward to hearing from you for further inquiries or information. 

Historic mile stones


Presentation of a medical light with LED technology


Development of a new OT-lighting system with a never attained colour rendering index of Ra = 96


Small OT-lights with three reflectors.


The first products: X-ray viewers, lamps for microscopes, mobile examination lamps, max. 6,000 lux

To assure the highest standard we use the modular welding cell KUKA flexibleCUBE.

The KUKA flexibleCUBE.