Halogen technology

Duo-Focus-Technology for the M3/M5

The Duo-Focus-Technology offers important advantages:

1. Punctual illumination of deepest wound channels with high intensity
2. Exact matching of the light field diameter with the size of the wound field

Merging of the individual luminous fields:

By turning of the sterilisable handle the reflectors swivel. The Three light fields are joined and overlap to one field with increased light intensity.


By turning of the adjustment ring at the sterilisable handle the bulbs are moved inside the reflector up and down. The focusable light beam allows a punctual illumination of deepest wound channels with high intensity and an exact matching of the light field diameter with the size of the wound field. DF-models have both technologies: merging of the individual luminous fields and focussing.

Colour rendition

Comparison of regular light systems with the Dr. Mach light system R96.

With a previously unattainable colour rendition Ra = 96 and R9 (red) 90 you easily see the tiniest nuances of colour in tissue. For recognizing the exact colour spectrum of the wound the exact rendition of the red colour range is essential. R9 (red) 90 means for the surgeon a visibly better recognition fo details. The colour spectrum of the wound is rendered naturally. The OT-light clearly provides welcome relief for your eyes.

Colour rendering index Ra

Ra is an average of
R1 = burnt pink
R2 = mustard yellow
R3 = yellow green
R4 = light green
R5 = turquoise blue
R6 = sky violet
R7 = violet
R8 = lilac
Maximum value = 100.

Colour rendering index R9

R9 = 92 is the value for rendering of the colour red. This is not used in calculating the general colour rendering index Ra. The values for conventional operating lights are between 20 and 70. Maximum value = 100. Values of more than 90 allow the surgeon to recognise details better in the wound area.

Multi reflector system

Computer optimised multi reflector system

Multi reflector system cold light

Computer calculated biconvex lenses increase in addition to the multi reflector system the contrast of the OT-light and guarantee a homogeneous light field and avoid disturbances through shadows in the light field.
Coated cold light reflectors reduce in connection with dielectrically coated cold light filters the heat radiation to a minimum. The surgeons head area remains cool.

Flow properties

Laminar flow systems

Ring form of all light heads for optimal flow properties. During development high attention was paid to the performance in laminar-flow ceiling systems. The flow-enhancing ring form of all light heads and the minimal surface create a perfect laminar flow performance.


Functionality and easy handling

Focus and intensity are continuously adjustable through a touch panel at the lamp bow.

A LED-display at the touch panel shows the actual setting of the focus intensity.


Module technology for easy maintenance

Without tools and with only a few steps the lamp housings can be opened to have access to all system components. Due to the module technology all components can be easily exchanged.