LED 130 Dental P


  • 40.000 Lux
  • Fixfokus
  • Für Decke, Wand und Stativ

Highlights LED 130 Dental P


Our high-quality materials give you security and prevent any penetration of dust, dirt and liquids into the interior of the luminaire. The precisely fitting pane seals and the circumferential sealing cords guarantee you a perfect product down to the smallest detail.

Pinpoint accuracy.

Our integrated laser pointer supports you in optimally aligning the lamp to the wound field. The laser pointer always points to the center of the light field and switches itself off after 20 seconds.


All setting options can also be accessed via the sterilizable handle. With the rotating ring on the handle, you control (depending on the equipment) depth light, brightness, color temperature and even the laser pointer.

By rotating the handle, you can adjust the light field to the wound field size. Both the adjustment options and the functions take place in the sterile field.

Technische Daten

Light intensity (Lux):
Colour rendering index Ra:
Colour temperature (Kelvin):
Dimming range (%):
Number of LED:
Size of the light field Ø (cm):
Total power consumption (W):
Life-span of the LED's (h):
Working distance (in cm):
Chassis of the light Ø (cm):