LED 5 und LED 3


  • 140.000 - 160.000 Lux
  • Leuchtfeldgrößen-Variation
  • LED 5 MC / SC / Smart kombinierbar
  • LED 3 MC / SC / Smart kombinierbar

Highlights LED 5 und LED 3 mit Kamera und Monitor


Our LED technology is powerful and even helps to keep a cool head. Heat radiation is thus reduced to a barely perceptible minimum.


We have thought of everything in our surgical lights, including the best possible flow efficiency. Minimal surfaces and a sophisticated open ring shape prevent heat buildup and provide optimal conditions for laminar flow systems.


You will easily benefit from brilliant image quality and razor-sharp images by our integrable video system. Easy mounting, high-resolution images, up to 30x optical zoom, autofocus or image rotation allow you to precisely identify details in every wound field.

Technische Daten

  • LED 5 MC
  • LED 5 MC Smart
  • LED 5 SC

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  • LED 3 MC
  • LED 3 MC Smart
  • LED 3 SC

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