LED 5 Smart

OT-light with LED technology

  • 160.000 Lux
  • Adjust the light colour
  • Adjust the size of the light field

Highlights LED 5 Smart


Our powerful LED-technology helps keeping a cool head through an almost inexistent heat development in the surgeon's head area and wound field.

On the spot.

The built-in laser pointer always indicates the middle of the light field and helps the surgeon to find the optimal position of the OT-light to the wound field. After a short time the laser pointer turns off automatically.


All functions can be set by the sterilisable handle. Turning the handle or the ring at the top of the handle (depending on the model) allows the surgeon to merge the light fields, change the colour temperature, illuminate in depth and activate the laser pointer. All functions and settings take place in the sterile area.

Technical data

Light intensity Lux at one metre:
Colour rendering index Ra:
≥ 95
Colour temperature (Kelvin):
3750, 4000, 4250, 4500, 4750
Dimming range (%):
Number of LED:
Size of the light field Ø (cm):
  • 20-32
Total power consumption (W):
Life-span of the LED's (h):
≥ 50.000
Working distance (in cm):
Chassis of the light Ø (cm):