Dr. Mach contract manufacturing ‒ where craftsmanship and technology merge seamlessly.

For us, Made in Germany is not just a label, but a promise. Because we understand that this means a requirement to offer flawless, long-term solutions, both in technology and quality terms. This also means that we are a reliable, valued partner in the metal processing field. We manufacture a variety of metal work pieces to order: turning, milling, drilling, welding. On the one hand, we make use of the latest CAD equipment, which allows perfect, efficiently made results.

And on the other, we rely on our experience and specialist knowledge from more than 70 years of metal processing. Finally, quality assurance ensures that every fault is detected, and substandard goods are filtered out. So, you can be sure that:

if it comes from us, it is flawless.


You want it ‒ we make it.

When it comes to perfectly processed metal parts, you can rely on us. We have been manufacturing branded products in the medical field, where the highest standards and requirements apply, for decades. Our products enjoy high levels of recognition around the world, and are known for their quality.

We are happy to make this know-how available to you: our manufacturing capacity extends from single pieces through to series production of up to 10,000 pieces. In addition, we develop optimised production and efficient handling processes for you. This means that should you want it, we can take over the entire production process ‒ from the construction drawings and planning through to the finished product, and shipping worldwide.
All to the highest quality in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485:2016.


Our range of services

If you are looking for reliable, high-quality production capacity, we are the right partner for you. Thanks to our various production processes in the cutting and non-cutting sectors, we also offer a wide range of manufacturing capabilities. Specifically:


1. Spanende Fertigung CNC-Drehmaschine | Mazak Bis 40 mm

5-Achs CNC-Fräsmaschine |
Hermle C40 Tischgröße X=800 mm, Y=460 mm

CNC Dreh-Fräszentrum | Traub Mit Doppelspindel bis 65 mm
3 Revolver mit angetriebenen Werkzeugen

CNC Dreh-Fräszentrum | Traub Für Einzelteilfertigung mit Spannfutter bis 200 mm
CNC Dreh-Fräszentrum | Traub Mit Doppelspindel bis 65 mm
2 Revolver mit angetriebenen Werkzeugen

CNC Dreh-Fräszentrum
Mit Doppelspindel bis 36 mm
22 Werkzeuge mit angetriebenen Werkzeugen

3-Achs CNC-Fräsmaschinen Verfahrweg X=800, Y=600, Z=600

Diverse manuelle Werkzeugmaschinen (Drehen, Fräsen, Bohren, Gewinden)
2. Spanlose Fertigung Schweißroboter | Kuka Mit Drehtisch; WIG

Abkantpresse 80 t | Amada
7 Achsen, Biegeläge 2500 mm

Tafelschere 2000mmx3mm

Punktschweißmaschine Alu2mm+2mm

Tiefziehpresse 80 t
CNC Schnelläuferpresse 125 t Tisch 900 mm x 650 mm

Bolzenschweißmaschinen Bolzen bis Ø 8 mm

CNC-Revolverstanzmaschinen | Amada FürBlechebis2000mmx1000mm

Exzenterpressen 15 t und 40 t Verfahrweg X=850, Y=700, Z=500

Schutzgasschweißanlagen | MIG-MAG/ WIG
3. Montage Montage von Baugruppen nach Ihrer oder unserer Konstruktion.  

It's very simple: the first step

Often, a small step marks the start of a successful partnership. Just give us a call or drop us a short e-mail, and you will soon have the interesting option of having your metal parts reliably manufactured without having to build up know-how or capacity yourself. We will take care of everything for you. With reasonable terms and to reliable deadlines. But most importantly: for only a small outlay on your side.