Innovations are the result of technical excellence.

For over 75 years, we have been researching, developing and building lights for demanding medical professionals all over the world.

Innovations, improvements and developments determine our daily business. This includes technological features as well as practical handling and the proverbial reliability of our products.
And so we know: Innovations are based on technical excellence. Reliability is the result of craftsmanship. And intuitive handling is the result of in-depth market knowledge.
Whichever Dr. Mach light is right for you - you can be sure of getting a first-class product. Designed, engineered and produced in Germany.

Our products

Lighting technology

State-of-the-art lighting technology based on economical and long-lasting LED clusters allows adjustable light levels and finely graduated depth focusing. Computer-calculated, faceted lenses (up to 99) enable maximum homogeneity and high light intensity up to 160,000 lux. Further highlights such as shadow management, laser pointer, light field adjustment, color temperature adjustment, endoscopy light and other features enable perfect light for every medical application.


A comfortable working environment ensures less fatigue and longer periods of concentration. We therefore ensure that operation is intuitive and requires no additional attention. Some of the lamp surfaces are antibacterial and the Dr. Mach handle is removable and can be sterilized individually. In addition, various light functions can be regulated via the handle. Sophisticated, streamlined heat management prevents disruptive heat radiation.


All Dr. Mach lights have stood for proverbial reliability for decades. As everything from development and production to dispatch takes place under our own roof, we can guarantee the highest quality - made in Germany. Quality-critical assembly work is carried out by hand by experienced specialists. Each luminaire is subject to a personal final inspection. The service life of the LEDs is at least 60,000 hours.


In-house developments and technological progress are in our DNA. Walter Mach, one of our founding fathers, was a renowned physicist and paid attention to state-of-the-art technology right from the start. This is why our in-house Research & Development department is one of our centerpieces. Research collaborations with related medtech companies and universities promote creative technology solutions and innovative new developments.


The future is always as successful as you deal with it in the present. And that's what we do every day. We forecast developments, deal with customer requirements worldwide and design models for tomorrow's developments and markets. More than seven decades of experience help us to do this, as does our contact with associations, universities and customers. If you know what has happened in the past and what other experts think, you are prepared for the future.